Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oregon Trip: Before the Marathon

Me, Brandon and Rocky and my dad in front of a cool waterfall. Epic.

I think this is the greatest picture ever taken. This is my niece Rocky and it looks like the picture was taken in the '20s. This was at the Tillamook Cheese Factory, one of the coolest places I've ever sight-seen.

The smile is only for show. Really the bush grabbed my other hand and I'm trying with all my might to pull it out. Flowers can be dangerous things.

Uh, excuse me, Mike? Could you move so we can take a picture of the train? Ah ha haaa, only kidding folks, they look great together.

Before the marathon my dad and I were waiting for Brandon, Marci and Rocky to show up and we found this cool train. Look at the size of that lumber.

More Eugene Marathon

Wow. Deer caught in headlights, am I right? No, but seriously, I had just received this award for being the third place male in my age division. Third Male Rigby. Mmm... just sounds right, doesn't it?

Don't we look happy? It took all my strength to stop my legs from snapping in half just to stand still for this picture. I'm pretty sure the medals are 14K gold; I'll have to check into that some more.

If you'll take careful notice, you'll see that the next person behind Brandon just gave up after being passed and started walking. He was aware that the chances were little to none of catching up again. Baby.

Marci was going so fast at this point that the lady next to her started turning into a cow! A COW! I know it doesn't make much sense, but it happened, man.

This is me throwing down my headband at mile 23. The amount of sweat that was gushing out of it and into my eyes with each step sort of defeated the purpose of wearing one. I hear the bid on eBay for it is up to $12,000 now.

Newport Marathon

I'm pretty sure this guy came in second place. Legend has it he was born without legs. Only wheels.

This is what we were running past for about 21 straight miles. Beeeeautiful.

I'm a bit puzzled as to why my dad chose to take this picture, but I'll be the first to admit it: only the very best can stretch in front of the starting line. Nice shorts, too.

Where's Waldo? Ah ha ha! HA! Hee... haaa, who am I kidding? Waldo doesn't run marathons. We do, however. I am number 604 (just about the only one wearing a headband out of everyone) and Brandon and Marci are standing adjacent to me.

A few days ago I ran in the Newport, Oregon marathon with my brother Brandon and sister-in-law Marci. It was quite the endeavor, believe you me.
Brandon and I were clearly the best-dressed of all the marathoners. Clothes not too tight, but definitely snug enough to show off huge muskles. Notice the blue whale necklace I wore the whole time.