Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More Eugene Marathon

Wow. Deer caught in headlights, am I right? No, but seriously, I had just received this award for being the third place male in my age division. Third Male Rigby. Mmm... just sounds right, doesn't it?

Don't we look happy? It took all my strength to stop my legs from snapping in half just to stand still for this picture. I'm pretty sure the medals are 14K gold; I'll have to check into that some more.

If you'll take careful notice, you'll see that the next person behind Brandon just gave up after being passed and started walking. He was aware that the chances were little to none of catching up again. Baby.

Marci was going so fast at this point that the lady next to her started turning into a cow! A COW! I know it doesn't make much sense, but it happened, man.

This is me throwing down my headband at mile 23. The amount of sweat that was gushing out of it and into my eyes with each step sort of defeated the purpose of wearing one. I hear the bid on eBay for it is up to $12,000 now.

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