Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oregon Trip: Before the Marathon

Me, Brandon and Rocky and my dad in front of a cool waterfall. Epic.

I think this is the greatest picture ever taken. This is my niece Rocky and it looks like the picture was taken in the '20s. This was at the Tillamook Cheese Factory, one of the coolest places I've ever sight-seen.

The smile is only for show. Really the bush grabbed my other hand and I'm trying with all my might to pull it out. Flowers can be dangerous things.

Uh, excuse me, Mike? Could you move so we can take a picture of the train? Ah ha haaa, only kidding folks, they look great together.

Before the marathon my dad and I were waiting for Brandon, Marci and Rocky to show up and we found this cool train. Look at the size of that lumber.

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